In the present times, digital marketing is slowly and steady replacing other traditional methodologies of marketing. Organizations irrespective to their sizes are making their best possible efforts for boosting their online presence.Companies are hiring digital marketing professionals having different skill sets for implementing various online marketing strategies that can help them in achieving higher search engines ranking & better social media acceptance. instagram-logo (1)

Social media marketing is one such online marketing strategies that are being highly in the market nowadays. Social media marketing is one of the effective as well as toughest strategies. Grabbing user’s attention on the social media platforms is not at all easy for the digital marketing professionals. It requires a lot of creative inputs and research work for understanding the psychology of the end users.

The probability of failure of social media marketing campaigns is always high. As, digital marketers fail to understand the requirement of the online customers from their products and services. One of the other prime factors that lead to social media marketing failure is the use of old social media platform for promotion.

Users always welcome online products and services that are promoted in a different way and have something new to offer. Instagram is one such new social media platform where digital marketing professional can promote their products and services effectively and differently.

Instagram is a photo sharing social media app getting more and more popular day-by-day globally. Usually, users use Instagram for sharing their pictures with their connection. But, only a few knows that Instagram is a great social media marketing tool too. In fact, if used in a right manner Instagram can huge return on investment (ROI) for the companies and business owners.

Digital marketers can use Instagram as an online app that can showcase their products and services to the users anytime, anywhere on their smartphones. Let’s find out how digital marketers can use Instagram for their social media marketing needs:

  1. Download the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Create an account with the name of your company, product or services you want to promote
  3. Mention a short description of your products, services along with contact details like e-mail ID, website link or even a contact number
  4. Set your profile to public mode so that users can see your posting and contact you if in case they are interested.
  5. Starting posting picture of your products and services along with relevant hashtags
  6. Mentioning relevant hashtags help in driving relevant traffic to your profile.

Instagram not only helps in improving the social media presence of the brands but also drives traffic into your website. Instagram marketing methodology is equally effective for almost every business. Whether it is an IT company, or a grocery shop, Instagram help in bridging the distance between buyers and seller in a great way.

Moreover, this social media marketing strategy ensures a wider reach of your products/services as in the present times the number of users using Instagram social media platforms is in millions.

Unlike other social media marketing platforms, Instagram can be used by anybody with great ease for promoting products/services. The all you need is a smartphone and Free Instagram app installed on it.



Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik is a digital marketing professional having 5 years of experience in SEO, SMO & Content Marketing. Connect with his on Facebook , Twitter & LinkedIn as well.
Ashutosh Kaushik