Before discussion the most recommended social media marketing strategies, let us brush our basic that most of us lacks.
Well social media marketing is all about interacting, engaging and converting users into business leads. Interaction with users on social media is of the toughest challenges of social media marketing. One need to present something very interesting and engaging at the same time for seeking users attention.

And for having a sound interaction level with the users on social media platforms it is very important to understanding the taste and requirements of the end users. One needs to know every possible detail of their target customers before pitching them any product/service on social media platform. As one bad social media platforms move can complete destroy the online reputation of any product/service in the least possible time.

While forming new social media strategies, one should always think from a users prospective. That is why research and survey play a crucial role in social media marketing.In the nutshell, we can say that before starting up with any social media marketing campaign it is very crucial to understand the user’s requirements.

Now, let us discuss some of the most recommended social media marketing strategies of 2016:

1. Products/Services Awareness Campaigns on Quora: There are many social media marketing professional who are still unaware of the power of Quora. They need to immediate start with their products/services awareness camps on Quora, where users themselves questions related to their different needs.
Social media marketer can easily engage users by providing them the appropriate answers to their questions. Quora help social media marketer in representing themselves as problem-solver to users questions. The chance of converting queries into business leads are comparatively high on Quora as compared to other social media platforms.


2. Run Contest on Facebook: The best of grabbing users attention for business needs is to run contests offering different goodies to the winners.
Content help business in getting the immediate attention of the users in a distinguished way. Contest based social media campaigns help in awareness and branding of the products/services on a large scale.
Moreover, running contest-based campaigns helps social media marketers in understanding their targeted audience.


3. Empower you blog with Disqus: Integrated Disqus commenting mechanism on your blog for preventing spammy and tracking the users who expressed their interested in it.
Disqus help in knowing users details that can be later be used for pitching them business in future. Disqus also help in enhancing the blog engagement level that can also help in making blog posts go viral on social media and the Internet.


4. Try out the Instagram: Promoting products/services using Instagram is one of latest social media marketing practices. Many social media marketing are already running a successful marketing campaign on Instagram.
Fashion Designers, Interior decorators, mobile/web apps designers, clothing store, and many other businesses are making the huge amount of money just by showcasing their best designs using different hashtags on Instagram these days.
You can also try out promoting your stuff on Instagram handle by mentioning your contact details in profile.


5. Go for Infographics: Followed by Quora and Instagram, developing Infographics and promoting them on social media platforms is yet another successful marketing strategies these days.You can also give it trying once.


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Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik

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Ashutosh Kaushik