There was a time when parents use to pay a huge amount of their hard-earned money to the engineering colleges as donation. Engineering was believed to be a sure-shot way of a successful career especially in a country like India. Huge numbers of students use to enroll themselves for engineering entrance examinations across the nation. There use to be humongous craze for engineering among students few years back.

But in the recent times, engineering education has lost its glory because of many factors. Parents are complaining that; colleges are failing to provide quality education to their children. On the other hand, students are not satisfied with the less experienced and unskilled faculties in most of the colleges. Most of the B.Tech/B.E colleges pay their complete emphasis on the theoretical portion of the course. Whereas, the most important portion i.e. practical implementation of various technologies is complete ignored. This is the main factor behind the increasing number of unskilled and unemployed technical graduates and post graduate in India. The bitter fact of Indian engineering system is that, most the budding and recently passed-out engineers hardly know anything about their specialized field.

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Engineering education is all about creating well-skilled technocrats in their respective fields. That is why big national and international organizations gives their first preference to the B.Tech/B.E/MCA pass out when its comes hiring freshers for their various technical jobs. But a large number of youngsters with the technical degree in their hands don’t live up to the company’s expectation.

The young technocrats need to understand the fact that their degrees are not just enough for getting highly paid jobs in well-known MNCs and other reputed national organizations. They need to upgrade their technical skills for making it big in the corporate and government sectors. The best way of doing this is to get enrolled for paid training and internship programs.

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Paid training and internship programs helps young engineers to understand the working culture of the corporate and government sectors. There are many training and internship programs that can be opted by the pursuing engineering students and pass outs in the present times. But, most of the recruitment experts prefer summer training and internship programs for the better understanding of technologies and overall development of engineers. The duration of summer training and internship programs ranges from 30 to 45 days. If done from a reputed company, the summer training/internship certificates sometime also help candidates in getting jobs. And not just jobs,summer training and internship helps technocrats in various ways. Some of the well-known benefits of summer training/internship programs are –

  • Young engineering talents get a chance of meeting highly experienced and well-skilled professionals of their respective domains.
  • They get a chance of understanding the work culture and the company hierarchy, which helps them later when they join companies as employees.
  • Gets a chance of working on the live project which helps them in becoming a trouble shooter and enhanced their experience as a technical professional
  • Budding technocrats get to understand more about corporate etiquettes that later helps them in clearing their HR rounds during their job hunt time.
  • They get use to the ‘Corporate Pressure’ and learn how to tackle it.
  • They learn teamwork and understand their individual importance as a part of the team.
  • They also learn leadership skills that help in growing themselves from an internship to a team leader or may be to a much higher position in the company.Summer training and internship programs usually starts from 1st week of June and ends till mid-August. There are many well-known and reputed companies that offers quality summer training and internship programs at reasonable prices. For more information on Summer training 2015, you can write to us at