Tulsi is a well-known Indian herb which enhances the human immune system and protects us from day-to-day stress. Tulsi have remarkable anti-ageing, life enhancing and other medical qualities. Here are some home-based Tulsi remedies that can help you in some great ways –

  • Avoid menstrual cycle pain – Many women suffer from unbearable pain during their menstrual cycle. This pain can be easily avoided just by taking 10 Tulsi leaves early in the morning with water every day.

menstrual cycle pain

  • Controls sugar level – By taking 5 Tulsi leaves with 5 black pepper empty stomach, diabetes can be controlled to a great extend.


  • Purifies blood – If you want to have a pimple-free glowing skin, all you need to do is to take 10 Tulsi leaves empty stomach on daily basis.


  • Prevent arthritis and sciatica pain – Tulsi can do wonders for arthritis and sciatica patients. By taking an equal proportion of Tulsi and ginger extract regularly, arthritis and sciatica pain can be controlled.

joint pain

  • Protects from cough and cold –By taking Tulsi extract with equal amount of honey and ginger, the chances of catching cough and cold get minimized.



We hope these less-known but very beneficial tulsi home remedies will our readers in living health lives. At InfoPaathShaala, we always try to comes out with the best health related information for our reader that can really help them with their health related problems.