In India, people often ask many questions to newly married couples which leave them hint less. Here are some most commonly asked embarrassing questions which make a newly married couple feel uncomfortable –

So when you guys are planning a baby? – This is one of the most commonly asked questions which irritate newly wedded couples the most. People need to understand that it is very important to understand each other before having a baby. So, next time you meet a couple, who recently got married ask them something which can makes them smile and feel comfortable.


When you guys are buying a new house? – During the first year of marriage, most of the couple can’t afford to buy their own house. People need to understand that, everybody wants to have a ‘home sweet home’. But, it is very tough for a newly weeding couple to buy them a house during their first year of marriage. This question usually makes them feel de-motivated and affects their confidence levels. In spite of asking such unwanted question, people can try to motivate them in various ways.


Is it a love or arrange marriage? – People’s curiosity often forces them to ask this question to new married couple. In fact, this question has nothing to do with them, but leave the newly couple in the dilemma to what to tell?

In fact, the only thing that matters the most is that they are happily married now.


Don’t you guys have “Bla bla”? – During the first year of marriage, couples have a good number of relative visits to their houses. Many people ask for luxurious things which technically can’t be there during the initial days of the marriage. Asking for thing that a new couple don’t have can sometime make them feel bad.


So, next time you visit a newly wedded couple house, try to tell them that they are doing quite good. And you hope that they will be able to afford every possible luxury in coming years.