Many Digital Marketing Professionals often ask, how can they build natural links for improving their website ranking. There are many misconceptions regarding natural link building strategies.

Some experts suggest publishing contents on websites having high page ranks (PR). On the other hand, some suggest sharing your website links via commenting on popular and high ranking blogs.Many of digital marketing professionals don’t understand the meaning of natural link building. In fact, for creating natural links that can help them in getting relevant traffic to their website, they start spammy on various articles, blogs, PR and, other online marketing related website.

natural links building strategies 2016-17

It is very crucial to understand the objective behind natural links, Before starting up with the link building process. Well, natural links can be defined as links that can be useful to the readers in solving their various needs. The links that have the potential of recommendation among readers are natural links.

The links with the contents that can engage the reader for the maximum time and encourage them to ask questions and express their opinion on that specific topic.

In the nutshell, we can say that natural links are the one that can add value to reader’s IQ level and help them in their various needs. Yes, publishing unique contents on high page rank website help in creating natural links. But, the soul of natural linking is the meaningful and shareable contents that solve reader’s problems.

So, let’s find out what digital marketing professionals can do for generating natural links for their websites –

1. Interact with your key users for understanding the needs.
2. Look out for the best solutions for your users requirements.
3. Create digital contents explaining the solutions to the users needs in a lucid and simple manner.
4. Use images, videos, and other web sources for better understanding of the users
5. Allow users to comment that will help in improvising the quality of your links
6. Make you links socially shareable so that users can recommend them to others.
7. Update your links with new contents i.e. text, images (Infographics), videos, etc. regularly for keep it fresh time-to-time.
8. Introduce improvement of your links on the basis of user’s feedbacks

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Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik

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Ashutosh Kaushik