In the present times, finding true love is one of the rare things that can happen to anybody. Every guy craves for a loyal, loving and caring girl friend, which is not at all easy. Only few fortunate people get a chance of spending their lives with the true love of their lives.

So, if you the lucky one blessed with adorable girl friend make sure that any of your bad habit let you lose her. Here are 5 common irritating habits of guys that usually go girls mad

Your SmartPhone addiction – Girls really gets pissed off on guys who pay more attention to their smartphone instead of them. Don’t forget your girl friend’s emotions are more important than your notifications.


Checking out other girl – This is one biggest reason which makes girls really upset with their boyfriends. So next time, make sure that you don’t stare the ‘hotty’ standing next to you while she is with you.

boyfriend looking at other girls

Making fun of her problems – Most of the guys repeat this mistake again & again. Not taking your girl friend’s problems seriously or making fun of them can really affect your relations.

Taking her advises for granted – Guys usually don’t pay attention to their girl friend’s advises which makes them feel unwanted and left out.

Late night call waiting – No matter to whom you’re talking to after 10 in the night, she is not going to listen to anything. After all it’s her time and she doesn’t want to compromise