In the present scenario, having a technical degree is not enough for starting a professional journey in any field. In fact, both Fortune 1000, as well as start-ups, expects freshers to have hands-on experience in their respective technologies.

Unfortunately, most of the youngster having technical education background are not that well-versed with their respective technologies as companies expect them to be. Only a limited number of technical students from premium technical institutions manages to fulfill the requirement and expectation of the companies.

Exactly, there is a concrete reason behind the dissatisfactory level of technical knowledge and experience among budding technical talents. Institutions offering different technical and professionals courses are only concentrating on the theoretical portion of course ignoring the practical part completely.

That is why relying on training institutions for achieving a higher level of technical knowledge and experience before they finally hit any company as an employee. But, choosing a right training institute is a challenge in itself. Students need to know certain thing related to training institution they want to join.

So, let find out some crucial questions to ask before joining a training institution –

1. Trainer Profile: Trainer’s experience and knowledge play a vital role in the technical training programs. Students need to make sure that the trainer they are opting for their training possesses in-depth practical knowledge and years of experience in the respective technology.

That is why it is very important for students as well as working professionals to ask for the trainers profile. If possible, they must meet trainer before making their final decision for their training needs. As it is very crucial to make sure that the trainer who is going to training them is an expert in his/her domain and can deliver the best possible technical training sessions for them.

So, if you’re thinking of enrolling yourself into a technical training program, don’t forget to ask for trainer’s profile details.


2. Free Demo Class: It is not necessary a trainer who has deep technical knowledge and years of experience is going to be a great trainer. Technical knowledge is a two-way process that need a health communication between students and their trainer.

Demo class help students in deciding whether they will be able to grasp what trainers want them to understand. Moreover, demo class help students in knowing the environment and methodologies of a technical training program in the respective institutions. Most of the reputed training institutions welcome students for the demo classes as they’re quite confident about the trainers and training methodologies.

Attending demo classes of different institutions help a student in choosing the best one among them.


3. Placement Assistance: Career is the ultimate goal of every student while joining any training program in any training institution. Some of the premium training institutions in the country promises 100% placement assistance services.

To be sure of this kind of commitment from a training institutions, students must ask for the previous years placement records. Students should also ask for the details of the companies having tie-ups with the institutions for their placement needs.

Asking placement related questions helps students in getting a clearer picture of kind of companies and placements taking in the institutions.


4. Study materials: Usually training institutions provides additional training materials that students can later refer for brushing up their technical skills.

Students must ask for the details of the study materials that the institution will provide them after the successful completion of the training program like –
– The system material will be from a publication house or their own.
– Study material is going to be textbook, e-book or a CD/DVD, etc.


5. Certification acceptance: Last but not the least, make sure that the certification you’re receiving after completing your training holds a global acceptance.

If it is not, then there is no benefit of going through such training programs. As certification is a mark of trust that ensure that you’re a trained professional of your respective domain. So, it very crucial to know the true worth of the certification you get after training gets over.



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