Virat Kohli is one of the most revolutionary cricketers; India has ever produced. His comparison with none other than – Sachin Tendulkar has also become a talk of the town these days. Whole nation is counting on him for the upcoming ICC Cricket World 2015 scheduled to be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand from 14th February 2015. Let’s find out more about Virat’s qualities that make him immensely popular and trusted cricketing player of the nation –

His attitude and aggression on the field – He is one of the rare Indian cricketing talents who never play under pressure. In fact, his on the field aggression make the opposition side nervous. He believes in playing his natural game that helps him in scoring big score when team need it the most.


His Style Statement – Another quality that makes Virat, different from another cricketer is his styling. He leaves no stone unturned to surprise us with his too ‘Cool to Handle’ hairstyles, tattoos and clothing. He has become a fashion guru of the teenagers nowadays. Youngster are going gaga over everything he does, whether it is hair styles or may the products he endorses.


His link up with Bollywood Hottie – Apart from his unbeatable performances on the field, Virat also remains in the headlines because of his link up with Bollywood’s A-lister actress Anushka Sharma. The actress has seen accompanying him many times in India and overseas. Unlike other celebrities, both of them are not shy about making public appearances together.


His ability of performing overseas – Unlike many other players, Virat can performance not only on the domestic grounds, but also bouncy tracks like Australia and New Zealand. His performance during recent test series against Australia where he scored four tons is a proof of his caliber.


His Signature Gangnam Style Dancing – Like every other thing, he a different style of expressing his happiness after finishing big match in his way. Everybody loves his Gangnam style dancing!!





Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik

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