Quitting Smoking/Drinking – The common resolution that most of the people take is to give up their smoking and drinking habit. Unfortunately, only few of them live up to their resolution of quitting their bad habit of smoking and drinking. It needs a lot of willpower of give up any addiction. So, this time promises to yourself that you’re not going to break your promise.

drinking addiction

Exercising – People decide to start working out on a daily basis from 1st of January, after having a lot of health issues throughout the year. Many people register themselves for the annual gym membership in the starting of the year, but only few continue their workout schedule till the end. It’s high time to take your exercising resolution seriously.


New Job – Getting a new job is one of the most common New Year resolutions for most of the people. People decide to start a new career chapter with the New Year, after having many bad experiences in currents jobs. But, like most of the other New Year resolutions, people forgets about their career as time pass away. Try not to repeat your last year mistake of not taking your career seriously this time.


Savings and Investments – People take resolution of not wasting their hard earned money of unnecessary things, after learning many lessons. Many decide to invest their money in things that can bring the huge amount of money in the future. Ironically, majority of the people fails to fulfill their resolution of saving money and investing with the time. This carelessness brings them back in the condition of the financial crisis all again.


Anger Management – Last but not the least, anger management is one of the prime New Year resolutions. People promise to get control on their anger, after spoiling many of their good relationships in past years. It needs immense patience and self-control to overcome anger that is not at all easy. Try to avoid arguments and people around you that can drag you in the unwanted situations.




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